Real Life.

Gunn Estate bears the name of its founding family. It began in the 1980’s, on a farm in the beautiful Ohiti Valley in Hawke’s Bay.

The family wanted to make honest wines – approachable and deliciously enjoyable. Wines that celebrated real life.

Today we gather our grapes from carefully selected vineyards in Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Australia – but our distinctive symbol is a constant reminder of where we came from and what we’re all about. The ‘O’ stands for Ohiti Valley, our original home. The waves inside the ‘O’ symbolise the Greywacke river gravel and waters of the Ngaruroro River winding through the valley. Home and heart. True to Life.


Past. Present. Future.

Landscapes you walk through and work in - Gunn Estate Winery

There’s plenty to celebrate in the every day – the people you meet, the landscapes you walk through and work in. It’s often about the way you look at things– and we think viewing the world with a smile and a spring in your step is the way to go.

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We’re proud of our heritage; we think this minute, right now, is something worth celebrating; we’re energised about what’s around the corner – and we pour heart and soul into creating wines that deliver all of this to you, in every glass.

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Pouring heart and soul.

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Gunn Estate Established 1983

The Gunns believed this land, with its distinct microclimate, would be perfect for grapes. They were right.


Gunn Estate, Established 1983